Friday, October 14, 2011

Strange Things do Happen at Full Moon

Its been a busy two weeks! I apologize for not posting in a while. So here is a quick update. I have finished my dayshift schedule and have now been switched to the night schedule. My shift starts at 6 pm and runs till 6 in the morning. It was a tough change in my sleeping schedule but i have finally adapted. Brock calls me a vampire now, and thats pretty much sooooo true. I sleep during the day and hang out in sketchy neighborhoods at night. The transition has been weird but at the same time very fun! The amount of calls that we get slows down at night but the few that we get are pretty good calls. Thank goodness we dont get nursing home calls because all the elderly are asleep, YES! Our calls consist of car accidents, drunks, suicidal people, and assaults. This is what one would say is "la crème de la crème" of all EMS calls. I love my new preceptor and EMT they are pretty awesome. My preceptor is only one year older than me so we can relate more in humor and my basic served in the Desert for some good time so that automatically gives him cool points. Pretty much we make a great team. So far we have been the "Black Cloud" for a week and it feels great. In EMS superstition, being a black cloud means that you get all the good calls. No one wants to be the White cloud because you either get no calls our your calls are just sucky and boring (nursing homes booo!). 

So you know that saying of "the crazies come out during a full moon." This is sooo true. Along with being the black cloud it was also a full moon. We encountered sooooo many crazy people that i started thinking i had a loose bolt in my head. We had allot of suicide attempts and overdoses. So everyone got an IV, and we would give them reversal drugs for what they took. It was either Narcan, Activated Charcoal, or we would stick a tube down their stomach so that the ER would pump their stomach. We also had soo many drunks i started feeling i was getting drunk from the smell, ewww!

Our highlight call was this drunk guy who we proceeded to persecute through out a neighborhood, well not really us but the police did. Our ambulance just staged and waited for the persecution to be over. While we waited things went very sour. The persecution ended to a very badly hurt cop and a Tased suspect. The cops were supper rowdy from this event and i wish i will never be stuck in this situation ever again. In the end we have to treat any patient even if it happens to be a suspect who just injured a cop very badly. He suffered a big laceration to the head, Taser spikes in his back, and was bleeding everywhere. While i was treating the injury to the head of this patient and my preceptor taking the spikes out of his back, i also had a cop behind my back saying super threatening things to this man. I thought that at any moment now things were gonna get heated and i was going to end up as the patient. The tension was bad and finally the cops left and we were able to take him to get more medical help. Pheew! Overall full moons bring out cool patients to treat but some times it can get a little out of hand. Im glad thats over.......well until next full moon.

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